Trigger Behaviour Look up Actor (Duration)

  • hello everybody

    basic question. i have a patch where i try to fade out the sound of the movie player at a certain position. Movie Player (position outlet) > Float to integer > Look up > Envelope (Envelope triggers the Volume inlet of the Movie Player). Problem: the outgoing trigger signal of the lookup actor is as long active as the incoming value (compare) stands there. so it causes a delay on the trigger inlet of the Envelope actor depending on the duration of the movie. is there a work around for this problem??


  • Tech Staff

    You could try another method. Perhaps using 'inside range'

  • I'd use the comparator actor myself.

  • hi Skulpture

    Comporator Actor works fine. THX.

  • Welcome. You will find Isadora can do a number of tasks in a number of ways. We all do things a bit differently. :)

  • Yeah. Started to work with Isadora three weeks ago. Trying to keep Patches as simple and non delay as i can. For "anti stress" reasons :)

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