Syphon to Texture, and FreeFrame GL plugins

  • I'm using Syphon to Texture actor to retrieve an RGB Camera feed from my Kinect (via NI Mate 1)... and am trying to feed it into any of the FFGL plugins in Mark's pinned post, but everything comes out the other end white. It works fine from any other (non-syphon) source, such as Video In Watcher.

    Any suggestions / reasons to why you can't use FFGL with a Syphon to Texture source?

  • OK - got it working going non-native.

    Grab the Syphon for Freeframe plugin by v002 yonder:
    Mount and copy the 2x bundles to /Library/Application Support/FreeFrame
    Restart Izzy.
    Use Syphon Client actor (from FreeframeGL category of toolbox) instead of Syphon to Texture actor.
    Manually type in the 'server name', ignore the 'App Name' input. 'Server Name' value is whatever came before ::: in the native 'Syphon to Texture' actor's server input.
    Pipe the output to whatever FFGL plugins and off to a projector, success!