On big picture on 4 (Physical) projectors

  • I am planning a 4 projector mapping project and i wonder how i can setup the projectors in Isadora. The projectors is in HD and i would like to make one picture across all 4. I don't have at matrox to-go box just a gtx 680 with 4 outs, on a mac pro 2009.

    Any ideas ?
    BR  Rasmus

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    In preferences set up stage 1 to output 1, stage 2 to 2, etc etc. One problem you may have is that you need (ideally) a fourth screen for your main interface and isadora patch.

  • I use my iPad as the 5´th screen. But how do i distribute one picture over 4 projectors ?

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    You could use the crop actor and quarter it?Or if your using IzzyMapper then just pick the quarter you require and map it using the same single image but going to four projectors.

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  • Thanks a lot - sounds like a good solution

  • or you use the chop actors.....

  • How do change the the picture player stage to n/a ? -  7a51eb-skrmbillede-2015-09-14-kl.-17.36.22.png

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    I would just use another picture player and use the same image. Then change the stage in the picture player. 

  • So if you wont to play a movie across 4 stages you also have to ad 4 movie player ?

     - btw have you made the picture player yourself or is it another version ?

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    So if you wont to play a movie across 4 stages you also have to ad 4 movie player ? 

    No not necessarily. There are two types (see screen grab below) The "classic picture players" uses the computers CPU. Whilst the newer actor the "picture player' uses GPU (your graphics card).
    But the GPU actor requires the stage before it can process it. Just the way it works in the coding; it has to know its destination before it can render anything. 

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    You can read a bit more about CPU and GPU here, under tip 1:


  • ok i see - thanks a lot

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