• Hi,

    it's my first day trying isadora and it looks good so far. I have almost succeeded to do what I want except one thing, maybe someone can tell if it's possible and how to do it. This is for some kind of interactive kiosk which present an interactive virtual visit.

    The idea is the following : I have a scene which plays a movie and I want to have a keyboard Watcher to allow to change to another scene. Pretty easy to do, but I want the keyboard watcher to be enabled only at the end of the video, like the 5 last seconds. So for the start of the video until then, it must not trigger the scene change if someone touch those keys.

    So is that possible, I guess probably... Can anyone one give me a direction how to do that?

    Thank you


  • Izzy Guru

    Something like this: see attachement.
    With position output and comparator and gate.


  • Hi,

    yes that works. I was fiddling with the gate node right now too and my setup was almost like yours and I was starting to get the result I want.

    Good to see I was not far!

    Thank you for your time and file.