Bin Picker issue

  • Hi All !! I´m using the control panel to show my students other uses within Isadora. When it came to the Bin Picker I notice a Big down frame rate situation with all the videos i´ve tried. Using the same videos without the Bin Picker the frame rate is perfect. Is that possible? Maybe im using the bin picker in a wrong way?

    Thank you all
    best, Maxi

  • Tech Staff

    I've never heard of this before.

    Is it possible to post a screen shot or the patch?

  • Thanks skulpture ! I send you the patch  5808b1-screen-shot-2015-09-16-at-11.37.19-am.png 91a05a-controles.izz

  • Tech Staff

    The only thing I can suggest is trying version 2 of isadora or opening a support ticket really.

  • Thanks Skulpture !! but i´m actually using V2, just put the classic projector to be able to see in older version. Is very strange isn´t it?

    Thanks a lot
    Best, Maxi

  • Never had this problem...

  • Hi guys !! I found the problem that made go down the frame rate. It was the Classic Movie Player working inside Isadora V2.

    Thanks a lot as usually 
    Best, Maxi 

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