How to publish Blend Mode from Izzy Map

  • Hi, I encapsulate projector actors in user actors so that I can set the mapping in one place, and have it apply throughout the showfile.

    I am having trouble figuring out how to publish the blend mode (additive, transparent or opaque) as an input once I create a projection mapping.  This makes things difficult, because if I want to use the same mapping with some files that should behave additively, and others that should respect transparency, I have to try and line up two izzy-mappings with each other whenever we calibrate the show, and potentially have to do this for many different mappings.
    Is there an obvious way to keep blend mode controllable as a parameter outside the izzy-map interface that I am missing?
  • Tech Staff

    No, this is one of the only things within IzzyMap that is not currently publishable.

    Sorry. No easy solution currently.

  • Thanks, should I put this in as a feature request, or is it already something on the list for the future?

  • Tech Staff

    Please do.
    We look at the number of users submitting features as a factor.