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    I have five sounds that runs in the same time. I want to control the level of different actors with the level of each sound. 
    Hope there is anybody out there.
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    If you convert the audio files to Quicktime movie and play them via  movie player you can turn on Frequency bands for each individual file; see image.

    Hope this helps.
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    Are you playing the sound files in Isadora?
    I assume you are using a mac.

    1. you have to install soundflower.
    2. you have to set the system sound output to soundflower (16ch)
    3. In Isadora go to the menu "output-->sound output setup". Set Channel 1 to Ext. 1-2, Channel 2 to Ext. 3-4 etc. up to Channel 5.
    4. place 5 "Sound Player" actors and set the "play channel" of the first player to 1 the second one to 2 etc.
       - if you have mp3 files you have to use the "sound movie player" actor instead, there you set the "snd out1" to e1-2, the second one to e3-4 etc.
    5. Go to the menu "input-->live capture settings" set the "sound output" to Soundflower (16ch) and start live capture.
    6. place a "sound level watcher++" actor and set the "inputs" to 1-10, 2 channels for each file.
    7. import your audio and start playing them. thats it.

    You see the level volume of each audio file in the "soundlevel watcher++", but you can't hear them because you output them to soundflower. If you wan't to hear  your sound files take the "sound input" and the "AudioDeviceOutput" actor set the first to Soundflower (16ch) and the second to Built-in Output. Connect the out of the first to the input of the second. Now you can choose the channel you want to hear. 1 and 2 for the first audio file, 3 and 4 for the second one etc.


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    again, more than one way to do something with Isadora.

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    Yes or you can do that :) haha.

  • thank you so much.
    good solutions for me
    as it is now I run the sound from isadora
    is it possible to play the audio files from protools or studio one  and then control different actors in isadora

    thanks again


  • Tech Staff

    yes that is possible, you only have to define that the sound goes out to soundflower then it should work without any problems.