Crashing ISA+MAC, ISA does not see HDMI + Display port Projectors, Crash report in attachemnt

  • By testing FX it keeps crashing Isadora & computer as well when hard reset is needed.

    Most of times does not allow chaining FX (to put them one after another)

    Activity Monitor shows crashes of Izzy Player 32 (multiple)

    I am not able to see projectors via HDMI neither Display port

    I am not able to install Pro Vid cod (don't have compressor neither Final Cut) neither Quick time as it should be latest.

    Crash report

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    Can you post a sample patch that is crashing for you?

    When does the crashing of the Izzy Plyer 32 start? before you do anything or only when you start patching?

    That you can't output anything from your HDMI or DispalyPort seems weird, does this happen also with normal external Displays without Izzy involved? Can you select the displays in the Izzy preferences?

    Here is a link that shows how to install the Pro codecs:

    Best Michel

  • Hi Michel,
    thanks for tip how to Install the Codecs.

    Crashing starts while I play movie - when I load and everything is on stand by it runs well.

    I can set up displays in IZZY - and I managed to output as I should. Thanks for help on another thread. However I am not able to recognize by name only by resolution.

    • THANKS
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    That you can only choose by resolution and not by name is normal, thats how it works in Isadora.

    Can you post  a sample patch that is crashing the Izzy Player 32?

    Best Michel

  • @Michel
    Here we are - this crashes all. ;)
    I followed your advices and I have major improvements. I made a patch - still problem with performance, but stable. (+75% of CPU and +50% of RAM is free despite H264)

    Greetings, Tomas


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    You will mostly have performance problems as long as you go the cpu way, even though your system tells you that you are not hitting the roof. I tried your patch and nothing crashes here, everything works fine. So its difficult to help you here. Can you file a bug report there we can help you in more depth.

    Best Michel

  • Michel thanks a lot. I am just before the show, so I need to focus. I rebuild whole thing, so it runs smooth and works better. I send you bug file later if interested still.

    I have though very newbie silly question, but bothering me while little getting stressed over here. How I can get rid of menu bar from top of the window? Or I look bad place or I missed it somehow.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Tech Staff


    Removing the menu bar:

    Best Michel

  • @ Michel - thanks. It seems I have to really go through the Mac OS. I have been always on Win and I still can not understand logic of Mac.

    I got it runnning - changed patch, changed videos and is good for what I need at the moment.