Sound Frequency Analysis limitations

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    Sound frequency analysis is possible on the four Live Capture / Sound Inputs. The Sound Frequency Analysis checkbox activates this for the four inputs through the Sound Frequency Watcher actor. 
    Does the Sound Input actor bypass the Live Capture Settings - allowing up to sixteen sound channels directly from a hardware audio interface? If so is there any way to segment sound frequency analysis on the Sound Input actor?

  • Hi,

    I've done this a few years ago with a PD patch that monitored five audios inputs from a MOTU.
    The volume of the frequency choosed was sent via OSC to IZY.
    That worked really well, and with really small CPU hit.
    Izy sent back an OSC trigger to let PD record the sound when needed, and an Apple Script was used to import the files in IZY.
    Here is the PD Patch:
    In IZY you need to open Stream Setup, and check auto-detect.
    Set Port 1 to /isadora-multi2
    Create OSC Listener, and your done:
    Hope this help.
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    Great! Thank you for the detail.

  • hi there,
    i did a volume analysis tool for max for live, it outputs osc too ( can be received in isadora),
    no frequency analysis,
    here it is,

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    Cool! thanks.