• I have a work that needs a long throw projector...I have a couple of Nec M361XG is there away/trick to convert them?

  • I would really have a look at finding another projector. This model is very low lumens, from more than about 8 meters is above the recommended distance for brightness.

    Many professional projectors do have interchangeable lenses but this model does not. 
    There are many tricks for projector placement that can help, especially using good quality mirrors. Can you tell us a bit about the situation, maybe some of the great brains here can think of other solutions other than just moving the projectors away.

  • Thanks Fred, yes, I'm sure your right about getting hold of another projector.

    The set up that I wanted to achieve was to project a very small image at some distance..
    I realise I can reduce the scale of the projection within Isadora, but at the cost of image clarity..
    I had in mind the idea that I could get hold of a simple concave lens and place it in front of the my projector lens in someway....I don't care about it being a bit lashed together..I'm sure I'm being a bit simpleminded about this...but I don't really need a hightec solution...andrew