• Hello! At a yesterday's performance I launched a certain scene at Isadora, but video didn't started, only a sound with black screen. In case of restart scene everything went normally.

    Today I tried to reproduce this situation and after one hundred attempts the bug repeated again. 
    You can look at it at Youtube: https://youtu.be/kJB4RViXHrQ
    In what there can be a problem? Video codec? Isadora's bug?
    (Video file: 1920x1080 H.264, Linear PCM, Isadora v2.0.5 , MacBookPro 2014 Intel core i7 2,6GHz 16GB DDR3)

  • In situations like this when clue is needed open Console and look what has been written about problematic process.

  • Tech Staff


    This bug that came up very rarely has been addressed and schould be solved in the next release. Thanks for your post.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks!