• Hi Guys, Can anyone help with this? I'm wondering if there is a way to group things in Isadora in order for them all to go through the same projector and mapping.

    I'd like several audio reactive elements (All reacting in a slightly different way) to then go through the same projection mapping. The audio reactive elements would be simple blocks of colour etc.
    I'm mapping on several (real world) boxes and using a grid distortion to map the footage on. It would save a lot of time if I could copy and paste projectors and use them with other elements. 
    Thanks in advance.

  • Build them into a User Actor and just recycle the User Actor wherever you need it?

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    Or a macro. I tend to use Macros more than User actors. But one one of these methods will be helpful for sure.

  • i tend to build a macro and work in it until i'm happy, and then convert it to a user actor if i think it'll be useful elsewhere with global updating.

    i can't quite work out from your description what you are trying to achieve. if its one projector with various video feeds at the same time, you could use a multimix actor.
    if its one projector needed for various scenes, but you want to keep the mapping consistent, you could use a broadcast/listener system with one projector running in a background scene, or, as Marci suggested, a custom user actor to house your projector.