How to ab(?)use Fitness Trackers

  • Hi out there,

    is anybody using those fitness trackers for realtime tracking or similar?
    Or heard of a project that ab(?)used them, hacks etc.

    Gracefull for every hint!


  • Tech Staff

    Not heard of anything but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

    Real time may be the issue; I don't know much about them but do they transmit anything that can be captured in realtime? Bluetooth maybe?

  • i'm meting up with a chap from Polar Electro sometime next week to see if they can partner up on some of this kind of thing. i'll report back.

  • hey guys, thanx a lot for your feedback!
    verry curious...
    we did a kamera tracking of an 15-member-orchestra recently. had to do it old-style with green badgets ,-).
    so i wondered if there 'd be an elegant real-time option. Setting these gadgets free should be fun.
    keep on keeping on!
    best michi

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