Lanbox Channels actor publish / write settings

  • I hav ben using Isadora and lanbox quite a lot, but always with lanbox Channels actor or Lanbox RGB out actor sett to default settings. Need some help setting up the lanbox channels actor to send only to one one layer. I have tried to sett the msg type to publish and buffer id to 1, 2 ore 3 assuming this will send to layer A, B ore C. The moment I switch msg type from write ore buffer id from 254 I no longer receive any information in LCedit / Lanbox. Are there some settings I am missing? Do anyone have any experience with this, and maybe help me out?

  • Tech Staff

    Maybe THIS helps, I found it in the old Forum.


  • Thanks michel,

    interesting staff made by gunther. I am going to try out his patch soon cause it looks quite powerful! 
    But for now i am only looking fore the basic function already build in to LanboxChannels actor ore Lanbox RGB actor. Any more tips?

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    I can't try this right now because I don't have the time, but as I understand it if you change the message type to "publish" the buffer id should be set from 1-64 to write to that particular layer.


  • Hello Tilo,

    you can find many more LanBox actors (using the TCPIP connection) here:

    The Lanbox actors "Lanbox Channels" and "Lanbox RGB out" use UDP, but I find it much more convenient to communicate with my actors. Maybe you have time to try them out? They can be downloaded from the LanBox download section:

    You'll find a woking example there with 24 channel faders and 1 scene fader. You'll also find an actor which stores the actual DMX output as a cuestep - this actor is really complicated programming!


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