Deactivate all other scenes while activating one ? (exclusive activation)

  • Hi, Nick,
    now the only probem will be to reactivate the same scene several times in a row...
    any idea?

  • Add trigger delay to deactivate the scene first and tweak delay times to de- and activate. 73f56a-trigger-only-one-scene.izz

  • The problem is that i need a modul to compare "value delay line" to gate its output off in case scene is retriggered it seems to work... but if you got any better solution?
    Thx !

    76cd9f-capture-decran-2015-10-13-a-12.21.19.png e8b2d1-1-_-h-m-web.izz

  • Sorry Vanakaru (just read your post),
    your solution is great, cos it allows re-triggering the scene ( the movie will restart, and i'll choose that since I'm synced with ableton timeline (metronome start for musicians, keyb player enveloppes, midi drum set changes),
    if the guy triggering piano keyboard maybe a bit clumbsy i'll use my method that just don't deactivate the 2nd time activation...
    depends !
    Thx so much to help me learn ;-)

  • Without going into your patch too deep you may consider that there are other ways to trigger movies than activating scenes. Like entering movie nr into Player Actor, speed 0-1. That would allow you to restart the movie without a need to reactivate the scene.

    Also if your press keyboard a bit clumsy all that happens is the scene re-triggers in a fraction of a second.

  • Hi Vankaru,
    yes sure, I intend to trigger movie inside scenes with controllers for all "FX style" parts,
    and play with their numbers and position !
    That's why for this written liveset timeline part i want to be sure there's no interference and that the good movie is loaded. Also because there's a precise launching in the ableton live set, and sometimes click's automation come after movie start, ... there are tones of keyboard , waves , drumset triggered via timeline, lot's of thing are automatized,
    and then i can have my glitch zone were I want ;-)

    Hope I'm clear.
    ( the clumbsy saxophonist sends midi while playing ;-)

  • I don't really understand what it is that you now want to do.

    If the same scene is triggered again (while in that scene) do you want that to be ignored, or something in the scene to be reset to a starting state.

  • Hi Nick,
    My solution allows to trigger once, then repeated inputs are ignored until another key pressed,
    and i prefer Vankaru 's solution because trigers are on the time line so if we start again it will follow and it's perfect !
    it's solved!

  • Thats great

  • @ vanakaru

    this is an excellent solution!! thanks