Mark is leading a workshop in NYC this November, come play!

  • Dear All,

    Super excited to announce that the one and only Mark Coniglio will be in NYC this November to give a workshop on Isadora 2 and participate in a panel discussion about the future of digital performance. Both of these events are a part of [MediaLounge](, a pop-up new media space that highlights the work of new media artists who push the limits of technology.
    If you'd like to find out more info on the workshop or panel: [Calendar](
    Enrolment is limited! Registration is $50 and can be done through the MediaLounge Kickstarter. There's also an Isadora license available there that comes with a guaranteed workshop slot. 
    If you'd like to register for the workshop: [MediaLounge Kickstarter](
    And check out some crazy new media art! The exhibition will be open November 14 - 29 at the Westbeth Gallery. 
    - Kate
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