Program crash using multiple CI projectors and a user actor

  • Hi there,
    I've got a scene where basically I want 6 different videos to be triggered consecutively using keyboard watchers and value triggers. I've already made this scene before, but it was always problematic. Now, while rebuilding it, once I added the fourth ci projector, the program crashes. The videos are super short.
    Below, first lines of the crash report.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you
    Process:         IsadoraCore [1031]
    Path:            /Applications/Isadora/
    Identifier:      com.troikatronix.isadora
    Version:         1.3.1f06 (1.3.1f06)
    Code Type:       X86 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [135]
    Responsible:     IsadoraCore [1031]
    User ID:         501
    Date/Time:       2015-10-12 15:22:10.879 +0300
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.9.5 (13F1112)
    Report Version:  11
    Anonymous UUID:  25EFCCA6-134D-78D8-88BC-E0B795A9DD12
    Sleep/Wake UUID: 437E3C56-F1CE-436F-A603-FED142E0C50A
    Crashed Thread:  0  main:scene=finale  Dispatch queue:
    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000104
    VM Regions Near 0x104:
    --> __PAGEZERO             0000000000000000-0000000000001000 [    4K] ---/--- SM=NUL  /Applications/Isadora/
        __TEXT                 0000000000001000-000000000044b000 [ 4392K] r-x/rwx SM=COW  /Applications/Isadora/
    Thread 0 Crashed:: main:scene=finale  Dispatch queue:
    0   libGFXShared.dylib             0x96897750 gfxInitializeGLTexture + 9
    1               0x97488ffc 0x9744f000 + 237564
    2               0x97455734 0x9744f000 + 26420
    3               0x97464701 clCreateImage + 1743
    4           0x90fd2dc1 fe_cl_buffer_new(_cl_context*, _cl_command_queue*, unsigned long long, _cl_image_format*, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned int, unsigned long, void*, _CGLContextObject*, bool, unsigned int, __IOSurface*, unsigned int) + 395
    5           0x910b6b43 -[FEOpenCLContext(Buffer) createCLBufferWithMemoryFlags:format:width:height:depth:bytesPerRow:hostPointer:fe_flags:surface:plane:] + 253
    6           0x90fd0826 fe_buffer_activate(FEContext*, unsigned int) + 1126
    7           0x90fd03ba __71-[FEBuffer beginRenderForContext:textureTarget:wrapMode:flipped:flags:]_block_invoke + 122
    8           0x90fd0018 doWithLockedBuffer(FEBuffer*, void () block_pointer) + 49
    9           0x90fd0338 -[FEBuffer beginRenderForContext:textureTarget:wrapMode:flipped:flags:] + 130
    10           0x91012064 FETexture::renderSetup(FEContext*, FEFormat) + 208
    11           0x91011f8f FETexture::textureRenderSetup(FEContext*, void*, FEFormat) + 37
    12           0x91019ecc FEApplyTreeNode::render2(FETreeContext*, FEShape const*, void (*)(FEContext*, void*, FEFormat), void (*)(FEContext*, void*), void*) + 944
    13           0x910174fa FETreeNode::render_(FETreeContext*, FEShape const*, void (*)(FEContext*, void*, FEFormat), void (*)(FEContext*, void*), void*) + 204
    14           0x91017705 FETreeNode::renderTexture(void*, CGRect, FEFormat, void (*)(FEContext*, void*, FEFormat), void (*)(FEContext*, void*), void*) + 69
    15           0x910123cd FETexture::retainTextureObject(FETextureCache*, FEContext*, unsigned int, void*, void (*)(void*, CGRect, FEFormat, void (*)(FEContext*, void*, FEFormat), void (*)(FEContext*, void*), void*), CGRect const*, bool, fe_texture_object_struct**) + 817
    16           0x91012d58 FETexture::newTexture(FEContext*, fe_texture_params_struct const*, void*, void (*)(void*, CGRect, FEFormat, void (*)(FEContext*, void*, FEFormat), void (*)(FEContext*, void*), void*), fe_texture_object_struct**) + 1012
    17           0x91017aa2 FETreeNode::createTexture(FETreeContext*, unsigned int, unsigned int, bool, bool, FETreeTexture*, unsigned int) + 912

  • I would submit a bug report here, if you have not already: 

  • Tech Staff


    Please download the newest stable version 2.0.5 ( even though you may only have a 1.x licence you can use version 2.0.5 without the 2.x features but also 1.x licence users benefit from the bug fixes.

    Best Michel

  • Could you post a screenshot of the patch, try not loading any media so we can see the patching.


  • It crashed for me again!

    I'm trying to re-compile this, because it was problematic before. What I'm trying to do is switch from one small video to the other. 
    Does this make sense?
    What am I doing wrong?
    About the new version, I'm on Mavericks. Is this ok? I just download the new version and re-install? 
    Thank you,

    345b21-screen-shot-2015-10-12-at-15.54.46.png 499ec0-screen-shot-2015-10-12-at-15.54.37.png

  • I've just installed new version and positions in my file have changed! is this normal?

  • Can someone help out. I've got a show tomorrow, I've put everything in the right place and now some actor's positions have changed with new version. I try to fix one thing and another one changes.

  • Tech Staff


    What positions have changed?

    Can you post the problematic scene so we can look at it?

    Best Michel

  • I use Image processing in 1920x1080.

    25 fps.
    A lot of projector actors I'm using throughout changed horizontal and vertical position once I opened the file with the new version. 

  • Would you mind posting the patch?

  • Tech Staff


    If you install a new version of Isadora you have to go through the preferences again because they will revert to default, the shape actor uses the resolution you have set in the video tab of the preferences settings. Different resolution settings could have an influence on the position of the shapes.

    If you re-install version 1.3.1f06 you can see the old settings (it's stored for every version separately)  can go through the preferences and change them in the new version to those settings. You can also install 2 versions of Isadora, you have to rename the Isadora folder for example from Isadora to "Isadora new".

    Can you post the problematic scene so I can have look at it?

    Best Michel

  • I've gone in the file and changed the vertical and horizontal positions. The scratch bam_season 2_3 is the updated one, there are still a couple of projector positions that need changing. Is this something that has happened before in switching from one version to the other?

    I have also attached scratch bam_season 2_1\. That's the file that was crashing on me previously, the scene named finale is the one that has the problem (please see bug report above). On the newer file I'm trying to simplify it. If you can have a look, I'd appreciate it. To be honest, I've already experienced a crash during a show and really need to have a good stable patch to go. 
    Thanks a lot!

    af9e86-scratch-bam_season-2_3.izz adad1e-scratch-bam_season-2_1.izz

  • Tech Staff


    I just tested your patch, if I change the resolution in the preference settings the output is not the same as the default settings. It is important to use the same settings in a new Isadora version for it to be consistent.

    I can't imagine that the position in the shape actor changes if you update Isadora, I never heard of that.

    If I look at your patch it sure can be optimized, I have a question, are only 2 playing at a time, meening before you activate another pair of movie players you deactivate the current ones?

    Best Michel

  • @Michel

    I am also looking. 
    Do you think it may be wise to replace the Classic Movie Players with the newer Movie Players? The media says its not AV Foundation compatible but still... would the newer movie players be better for the job? Especially in the "finale" scene? 

  • Tech Staff


    It sure would be better using the new movie players but with the 1.x licence he does not have access to the new movie players. Or am I wrong?

    Best Michel

  • Ah yeah; version 1. Didn't see that.

    I was also wondering if all the projectors and videos are needed.
    Would this help a little?


  • Tech Staff

    @Skulpture @eratatat

    Yes that would be the way I would have done it, though it seems he uses 2 movie players at the same time.

    @eratatat you just have to add a second trigger value to each keyboard watcher that sets the movie number on the other movie player.
    As I have seen one movie players position is set to 100, I guess you just want the last picture be seen there. Do set another trigger value with 100 that goes into the movie players position, but then all other keyboard watchers have to trigger a trigger value of 0 going into the movie players position input.

    Best Michel

  • Thank you guys. your suggestion helped. It's now much cleaner. Hopefully it works ok tomorrow. :-)

  • Break a leg as they say. Remember to change your wallpaper to black ;)

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