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    This software has just become free.

    Well worth a download. Very handy!

  • and they fixed it for Yosemite!

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    Yup! Working ok for me.

  • Graham,

    What is the difference between that and this- http://syphon.v002.info?
    Also when I send something to Isadora with Syphoner, I see it for an instant and then it goes away and I'm back to the Sigmasix screen.  Tried locked syphoner and still no go.  ON then off.  Tried with Safari, Preview, only with Dock did it hold
    Very interesting.  Leaving the above question in even though I found the solve.  When I had Syphoner and whichever App I was projecting on their own monitor and both running on that monitor AND Isadora running on a different monitor I didn't have any loss of signal.  Only when switching between "spaces" on my single screen did they occur as above.
    Lesson learned, you need two monitors or not be using the "spaces" feature.
    Very cool tool indeed Graham.  Thanks man!
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    _What is the difference between that and this- [http://syphon.v002.info](http://syphon.v002.info)?_

    Syphon is only the technic that is been used. Syphoner uses this technic and takes a window of any application (even though it does not support syphon) and turns it into a syphon stream.

    If you select somthing with syphoner for example the window of your browser and you hide or minimize your browser window it will disappear in the syphoner aplications list and also in the application you are sending it to (for example Isadora) and reverts to the sigmasix test image. You have to leave the source application open.

    Best Michel

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    Hey - yup that caught me out as well. Would be handy if it worked in a different 'space' on mac.

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    Yes if you have it in another space and switch to your Isadora space Syphoner looses the conection to the window it should actually track.
    I also tried duplicating the syphoner app to track 2 windows at the same time, with the old version 1.1 that you had to pay for it did not work, while i was writing this I thought try it with the new one 1.3 and tada I get 2 windows from different applications into Isadora with 2 syphoner Instances.

    Best Michel

  • Hi Michel,

    How do you set up two syphoner instances? best regards Thomas

  • just duplicate the application, a new name and voilà

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    @jhoepffner said it :-).

  • Hi folks, is there any corresponding element on the menu-side of izzy to choose a stream? The bin-picker seems not to be made for that...?

  • @tomthebom the stream choice doesn't work the same way as other actors inputs. if you need to swap streams using the control panel, its probably best to use 2 Syphon Receivers set to different streams and switch between them.