• Hi

    A few students of mine have reported that the "Wave" freeframe plugin does not work in Windows7
    and that the Text/ure object in General Video does not Rotate text in Windows7 as well
    Anyone elese noticed these Anomalies?
  • Tech Staff

    Yes, I just tested and can confirm this.
    Also the Text Draw actor will not rotate.
    Regarding the wave, I am able to have the rollover thumbnail preview indicated that video is being affected and flowing, but non makes it to the projector.

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    ps: tested with f24

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    I can get video out of the Wave actor.
    If you run the video from wave into one inlet of Video Mixer and set the mix amount to 50% and attach the output to your projector, you will get the wave effected video (in my case text).
    Setting to either 0 or 100 wiped out the video???

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    I have submitted these as bugs.

  • Tech Staff

    A note: it seems that the problem with the Wave actor (which is a 3rd party freeframe effect) is due to an incorrect video out format, where the alpha is define incorrectly.

  • is there a fix for this yet? I have a windows Display machine and WAVE is a pretty popular effect with my students. The wave reeks havoc when it's in line with other effects. Can this please get fixed or is there a workaround for it? Perhaps a different .dll of the plugin?

    I have a show December 4 so i am hoping it could be before then.

  • Hi,

    The wave plugin is a third party freeframe plugin, so it can't be fixed by mark I'm afraid.
    As DusX says it looks like an alpha problem.
    You can trick it with the "add alpha channel" actor.
    Down there is a screenshot that explains how.
    Note that the color of the resizable background is set to white.


  • Thanks Mehdi, i'll give it a shot!