Using Envelope Generator to move pictures offscreen, how do I get the pictures to start onscreen?

  • I'm using the envelope generator to slide 2 images offscreen to reveal the movie behind it. Is there a way to default to having these pictures start onscreen so I don't have to manually reset the horizontal position every time before I run the show? Once they move off screen and I want to run it again, they are off screen and only reappear when I toggle the generator.

  • We need more precision about what your are wanting to do. But it seems one solution would be to use the "initialize" possibility of an actor entry, so the parameters are reset when you enter the scene.

    If you are not changing scene, you can use a "trigger value" actor to set the parameter to the start position.
    At least a picture of your patch would help…
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    Yup "initialize" is probably the best way. Also you may need to scale the values So the value starts at say "50" not "-50"

    Click on the white text of any parameter. Min and Max is what you want. And Initialize is the starting point. 


  • That was it, thank you!