Stage visible while gui is minimized

  • hello everyone

    is there any way to keep the stage on the second output while minimize the isadora gui on the main monitor (win 7)?

    thx, rené

  • Izzy Guru

    If it's full screen then it should always show.

    If you are just using a preview then you can change that in preferences to a non-floating window.


  • thx for your answer, but in windows it seems to be a problem. when i press the minimize icon on the izzy program window, the stage is gone away, it does not matter what is hooked in the floating window task for stages.

    is it normal or is it problem of my win7 32bit?

    thx for hints....

  • Tech Staff

    This is standard behaviour on windows. A work around might be to to have isadora hidden behind the stage?

  • Izzy Guru

    Is it really? Never knew that!

    That's a bit strange. Not that it helps - but this is not the same for mac. 

  • the only solution in win is to switch between multiple software just pressing their icons on applications bar. This DO NOT hide stages.

    i.e. Ableton and isadora running together and you need to launch scenes of booth. (a best option is to map all into a midi controller and share this controller through MIDIloop virtual port, but if you can't you must do it as before)


    but together with the hopeless situation in case of multichannel audio output, this facts makes me very sad. sometimes i wish there will be a little bit less appel support. i allways feel like a second class member of izzy family.


  • Izzy Guru

    I am sorry you feel that way,

    However the issues you are encountering are at an operating system level. Isadora can't control these factors. Unfortunately Windows and mac along with other softwares) will all function in slightly different ways. 
    For instance the original kinect sensor was being used for a very long time on Windows before it came to mac.. just the way things are. 
  • Tech Staff


    I will enter the window issue as a bug. I agree that if its possible on Mac, it would be nice to have the same behavior for PC.

  • thanks to dusx, and everybody else.
    so if i find the next time more of the differences, i have to think about a new fruit in our set.