Basic Physics Engine - Stage Edge Collision, with rebound / Gravity and Friction

  • Been experimenting today trying to find a physics engine usable within Isadora without a great deal of success, mainly as the majority are coded to rely on the browserDOM or jQuery or another framework that isn't usable within Isadora. So, I went back to basics. I've started replicating Jorn Zaefferer's Bouncing Ball Sim! See

    Refer to the attached screen cap (as I've left my dongle at work), and the attached TXT file which contains the source to copy and paste into the Javascript actor.
    It's no where near "done" yet. 2 balls, statically defined. Need to be able to add / throw balls based on gesture motion (via Kinect), calculating angle of launch and velocity as best possible... needs object collision detection, ball to ball, and eventually ball to skeleton, and an easy way to add static objects for others to collide with. Also needs an ability to define an object's mass and therefore inertia etc. THEN need to make it 3D rather than 2D.
    If you look at the source, you can suss out how to add more balls, as well as what position and direction they launch from / to. What you use to represent a ball is entirely up to you. I'm using TextDraw actor to keep it in GPU land. The output positions (x and y) are scaled -50 to +50.
    It has it's issues... doesn't account for object size, just centre point etc. All still to do. Just a Proof of Concept more than anything else. (aka I got bored)

    99c6fb-physics.jpg c0f640-physics.txt

  • Dongle retrieved... updated patch attached! Can now click>drag>release on the stage in a throwing gesture to add/launch a new ball. It's patched in to support 7... but allows you to add an infinite number (I guess) 2761b4-physics.izz

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    Funny. I have spent sometime over the past few weeks on this as well. More interested in 2d at the moment, although I may have a 3D physics lib that will work. Have to do more testing :) @Marci Did you find the IBM tutorial on building a physics engine with js?

  • The one on DeveloperWorks? Yep... will probably head in that direction next. What's tripping me up is a lack of knowing what is and isn't supported within Izzy. No commonJS or AMD module stuff... exports & define not defined. No setInterval or setTimer... not defined (hence needing the pulse generator actor). Had a look at EnvJs to give us some window/document model emulation and gave up. I need to forget all the shortcuts I've become used to as a web developer. Also need to run some GarbageCollection tests (does GC take place in Izzy's implementation?). It may be easier to set up a separate node.js server, do all the logic in that, and just ship variables back and forth via JSON & send TCP actor or I can see CPU & mem usage spiralling out of control within an Izzy patch quite quickly.

  • Hmmm - just been reading Think I may have coded it all wrong...

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    To simple get a bouncing ball interact with the outline of a person using a kinect would be mind blowing. To hit a persons leg and bounce off, etc.

    It would open up a world of ideas and possibilities.
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    The V8 engine core handles garbage collection.
    The JS features are the 'built in functions', and nothing from DOM/web stuff.

    I think this list breaks it down:  (although its Mozilla, and not Google)?
    @Skulpture  :) Thats the sort of think I am working towards.... a tutorial will come if I am successful.
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    No need for node.js for this.. 
    My tests are going well. I have a modified version of Goblin physics running. (I picked this one since it seems to have zero dependencies and was created to be platform independant)
    So far so good.

  • Hello,

    I am currently working hard on the Isadora/Unity connection. researching on programming and understanding of C#.
    My project is principally linked ro real time 3D (geometrically exact) mapping with moving surface, more as anamorphosis opposed to corner pin. The project allow use of shifted beamers on complicated surfaces, via Syphon and OSC.
    The inherent possibilities inside Unity 3D concerning gravity, collisions etc. are huge! And that will be the next step to explore.
    I am preparing a demo and a communication on this material for the next London Isadora conference, any idea of a precise time?
    I would be very pleased to share some info with you on the question.
    All the best, Jacques

  • @DusX - Goblin Physics just caused Izzy to CTD whenever I tried to crowbar it in there. Dunno what was causing it. Abandoned it to play with CoffeePhysics... which I've had some success with, altho defining the bounds of the world to the bounds of the stage seems impossible. Look forward to seeing your Goblin Physics implementation.

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    I am in contact with the dev. 
    I got it working, but collision is an issue.. (hard crash) The dev has been very helpful... so

    I hope to get further soon.
    BUT... I have box2Dweb working great! (no 3D sorry) I hope to have more news soon.
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    Phisical Modelling (for pure data) port for Isadora is possible. The author is an old friend Cyrille Henry (Mark met him when I invited both on a workshop ar the Monaco Dance Forum in December..... 2004).

    Cyrille is an open source guy so everything is available for c people and for Javascript. Can't do any of them but here is a big help
    ready, set... [pmpd](


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    @Armando, thanks

    I will take a look at that.
    Where I am with this so far, 
    A proof of concept for 2D physics in Isadora :)

  • @DusXI got it working, but collision is an issue.. (hard crash) The dev has been very helpful... so

    _I hope to get further soon._

    Yep - that was about where I'd gotten to with it. Spotted the dev using the .on method in collision events to monitor his listeners and there my Goblin-fun stopped. It's only dependency is that it requires something to provide that event layer for collisions.

    Instead have spent some time adding weight to the NI Mate Skeleton (i.e.: adding 3d torso and limb objects to the skeleton output) - each individual object done in CInema4D so i can get out the mesh co-ords to throw into whatever ends up being suitable for 3D use, and chucked that all into an Izzy patch.
    So, I've got my 3D Avatar ready to place in the 3D space and collide with, all scalable to suit different builds of person, so that the collisions can occur with a suitable surface rather than a line with a static radius added.

  • Modification of original patch - 10 x balls available. 3D position / collision / gravity / friction.

    NB: Collision point is still unfortunately) centre point of each ball, not surface point, mainly because at this stage the radius / diameter of each ball is determine by the ALL scale value on each 3D Player which comes after the JS. AND, balls still don't come to an actual stop. Zip file contains Ball and Plane OBJ files.


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    Hmm.. I need a connect.

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    Or a Persee for the long run. I have ordered one.

    Best Michel

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    too late for the indiegogo campaign

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    yep, it finished a few days ago.