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    Isadora v 2.0.5
    Current system setup--4 projectors (1 Sanyo, 3 Panasonics). Panasonics run ethernet into hub, which is then plugged into computer. Computer is a Mac Pro (early 2009) with six video outs (also 16 gb memory). Did OS upgrade to Yosemite. Isadora is receiving go's from a Mac Mini running QLab 3 (sending Note On MIDI signals as well as program changes via MIDI over IP; ethernet is also going into the ethernet hub with the Panasonics's cable) Error: Without any consistency, when entering a scene, Isadora will continually enter the next scene, then the next scene, then the next scene, andwill not stop (although it will slow down, then speed up again). This advancement can be stopped by either clicking in the gap between scenes, or clicking into a new scene and manually taking the advances (in this case, hitting the space bar which triggers a Jump++, all of which is contained within a user actor). It should be noted that when clicking into another scene in attempts to take advances manually, Isadora continues to advance on its own. It should also be mentioned that the fading times in these unwarranted advances do not appear to reflect values within the Jump++. The advancement occurs at random, and can occur by multiple manners of entering a scene (instigating a Jump via midi, instigating a jump via keyboard watcher, clicking into a scene; there are no "Activate Scene" actors within the programming, thus it is unknown as to whether or not this is a means of entering a scene without causing error.
    This error has occurred both while connected and disconnected from the ethernet hub, and with and without MIDI triggers. I am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this.

  • Can you share the patch? Also, (random) are your input devices on the Mac Pro wired (keyboard etc - I get this issue with Magic Trackpad because the left-click foot occasionally gets stuck or multiple taps recognised thru initial tap, left-click foot, bit of a bounce causing a secondary tap / second foot click, and when batteries run low in apple Bluetooth keyboard - as tho a key gets stuck)?

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    Wow thats a very unique thing. Not heard of any reports of this before.

  • Ok, everything is working now.

    The user actor that contains the Note On Watcher and the Jump++, anytime it would be updated, would cause the jumping. That bug was known to the designer throughout tech (I am assisting him). I added PJ Link actors to the User Actor, and linking Control IDs to them so they could be controlled via buttons on the Control Panel (Shutter on, Shutter Off, etc.). Izzy was not too happy with this, thus causing the bizarre continuous advancement that would occur when updating the User Actor. Deleting these added actors has stopped the unwarranted advancing.