Updating to of25 failure

  • i've updated to the of25 version this morning and i got an installation failed message and now i don;t know what to do.

    can anyone help?

  • a little more info of where i am.

    before installing 25 i duplicated 24 and put it in a folder.
    then ran the installer, and got a failed message.  now 25 is showing in the applications folder, i can double click the app, i see the start up window with all the little messages at the bottom and then i get an "unexpected quit" message.  i'm absolutely stumped what to do to get 25 working.

  • Tech Staff

    mac or pc?

    HERE a post from Mark explaining how to install multiple versions on mac and pc.


  • i'm on a mac.  thanks for the link.

  • ummm interesting i'm updating the application isadoracore.  does this make a difference?  i think i had renamed the older one.  i'm going to delete the 0f25 version and re install.

  • i'm also going to download another updater.

  • deleting the version of 25 i had and downloading another updater and doing the update has been successful.  i note that my internet connection is a little spammy this morning, so consider this to be the reason why i had a problem.

  • Tech Staff

    Sounds like it was a corrupt file. Probably was the Internet and a glitch. I get it now and again.

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