Keeping picture active through scenes

  • How do I keep an image active through stages so it doesn't fade out while i have other images fade in moving to the next scene? For example I am showing title cards for the cast and each stage has a different person's name but I want it to say "starring" constantly while I change the names manually.

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    Using the 'activate scene actor' See image attached.  ab089c-screen-shot-2015-10-25-at-15.14.24.png

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    Just to clarify a bit.

    The image you want to display across the transition, needs to exist in its own scene that will remain active the whole time.
    So you will have 3 scenes.. the first that has some images that will change, the second that will be jumped to from the first scene.
    and a third that will run the whole time (as a secondary scene, activated by the 'activate scene' actor in scene 'first') .