3D tracking, kinect, live video record + play with delay

  • Hi there,

    I would need to bring 3D body tracking into my choreographic work. I have found Kinect 360 XBOX for cheap and good one....however I am little worried about locked libraries and possibility to use it as I am on OSX.
    Basically I do not care which sensor it is, what I need is tracking primarilly, 3D, if I am able to use build in camera for 2D/IR simultaneously even better.
    In terms of sensor, I would need biggest depth/reach of recognition as possible.

    What I would like to achieve is:
    piezzo mic for triggering through the sound
    Body tracking for graphics + mapping
    1 independent camera - might be just web camera to record faces of people live and later on to play it during the show

    So, how real is to bring Kinect to Isadora today?

    I went through the info of Jamie Griffiths here: http://www.jamiegriffiths.com/kinect-into-isadora/

    • is it still valid, would this work? And for which Kinect One v.1, v.2 or 360?

    Than I found work and discussion thread from Fred    
    It seems not so reliable, but through Win should work.
    Is there possibility to output signal from Win to OSX on which I have Isadora, or run parallel Win on MAC machine and sorted internally? (I am not sure latter is good idea but as long as it works why not.)


    • this is the discussion about how the Kinect is locked down. I guess there still might be people which are having and sharing libraries, anybody has an idea who  and where?

    Does anybody has experience with ASUS Xtion Live or did anybody tried Structure to iPad which is connected to Mac?

    What would be the most simple and reliable way to do it?

    Kinect directly to Isadora or via, Kineme, Syphon or NIMate or OSC? What are the main differences actually?

    Thanks you all in advance!

    PS: for a good measure I found on forum also this: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/orbbec-persee-world-s-first-3d-camera-computer?mc_cid=9a3392cad7&mc_eid=75f8821992#/

  • Izzy Guru


    A lot to discuss here... in order.
    I use the kinect a lot, but do use additional software. Mostly Ni-Mate. https://ni-mate.com/ 
    Fred's post is about the new Kinect V2\. it sounds like you have access/bought an older style one? We need to know this first before we can really help. The older kinects are more widely supported right now. 
    The *very brief* answer is that apple bought out a lot of the kinect libraries so people aren't doing as much with them. 
    A little info here: http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/24/apple-primesense-acquisition-confirmed/ 
    So in short i'd say ni-mate into isadora via OSC. 
    I have quite a few tutorials on my blog to get you going:
    Hope this helps for now. Sorry for super quick reply - I am on my phone and on the train. 

  • Hi @Skulpture thanks a lot of answer!

    I am trying to put all info in one place since, so it might be easier for everybody next time. Maybe it will be inspiring, maybe it will point out the way, I hope it will help me to navigate what to work on/buy and what to avoid.

    I have access for Kinect 360, which I am not sure how old is it. I know Apple bought a lot, we had a headache in another project I had been working on. Alas we had 2 software developers there.

    Thanks for tutorials. I saw them - they are great. I forgot to list them.

    I have not bought Kinect yet, because before I make investment, I want to know what I am doing. It's not so much about money as to be able to imagine which way to go further and what to avoid - eventually what is obsolete.

    Thanks a lot. I keep hoping things will keep popping out.