Click track generating a visual effect

  • I need a click track to generate a visual effect helping me synchronizing video to a live symphony orchestra. Everything worked fine for me in leopard, using Soundflower and routing a third audio channel to a Sound Level Watcher actor, feeding the audio level to a shape, pulsing to the click on stage 2 on my laptop's monitor. However with my upgrade to Mountain Lion - the 16 channel Soundflower virtual audio device just produces horrible chainsaw artifacts together with my Apogee Duet2. I would like to ask if there is some alternative to the Soundflower workflow in order to having an audio channel to generate a visual reference. For now my workaround would be to manually render a second video stream containing the visual click track. This would probably work as good, but I'm just curious to know if anyone experienced the same problems with Soundflower and Mountain Lion? It's a shame, since I really liked this workflow.

    Best, Jacob
  • Tech Staff

    I don't have the problem on my system.


  • Hmmm... dunno about the Soundflower issue and can't test because I'm on the road at the moment.

    But, if you have a quicktime movie with the click audio, you could just set the 'freq bands' input to 1\. This will add a new output that essentially reports the amplitude of all audio tracks in the movie. You could then use this output to trigger your visual effect.
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks so much Mark - I will try that!