Receive pictures from mobile phones

  • I am doing a project where I would like to receive pictures "live" from mobile phones . Anybody have any ideas how?

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    You will probably need to post the images to a webserver (instagram, your own image gallery etc..) and then have Isadora talk to the server via a local script (I use python running a local webserver, and I communicate using TCP-IP to the script) to the webserver.

    If you have a placeholder image (already in Isadora's media) you can replace it with the new image, and reload the scene (best to swap image when the scene is not active).
    This is a rather large job, but it can all be done.
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    And how about epoccam and grab a picture in isadora?

  • If talking still images from many phones then as per DusX above. If talking live video (or frame captures thereof), I use Airbeam either end, and Syphon it into Izzy. Only useful if you're running in OSX land, and you're obviously limited to airbeam's max clients (4 iirc).

  • Ooo... or tap Dropbox. Most phones can sync photos live to the cloud. Have your host system also set up to the same cloud account. As pix are taken they should turn up on the host system. All dependant on yonder interweb connectivity... Kinda need to know a bit more detail of the project specifics.

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    Yes. The Dropbox idea is a great way to automate part of the process. Nice.

  • Thanks for the answers... - the images will be sent from the audience and it would be best if it is as easy as possible for them - preferably as easy as sending an SMS message . I created a smsgateway but I have problems of getting through the pictures .

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    Wasnt there a project where the audience was sending twitter feeds to Isadora? I remembered that Mark mentioned that in a workshop. So maybe that would also be possible with photos?

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    You used to be able to do that when twitter was XML based. But not its JSON I think. So its very locked down unfortunately.

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    You can interface to twitter.. Not long ago in the forum a Javascript Oath script was posted.. it was rather clever in its use. It did the Oauth within Javascript.

    Its easy enough to use external scripts to do the same if needed.
    With images, the trick is that they need to be named to the same as an already loaded image (unless you can force load with applescript on Mac?). So at least on PC I have had to replace a linked image, and reload the scene with it.

  • Twitter could be a solution but its only 640 x 640 its a 4x hd projection so the resolution will be to low something like imessage would be perfect.

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    I would suggest using any service you like for grabbing the pics (instagram etc..)
    and setting up a transfer to DropBox (or similar) via a service like

    A local script will have to watch the folder and copy/rename for Isadora.
    Do you want to load 1 image at a time to Isadora (I was assuming a finite number of images that get replaced) The script could signal Isadora via OSC when a new image is ready..?? Really there are many factors here, so there are many options.. I hope this helps.
    How did you setup the SMS gateway?

  • Now i found out how to do it... I can get the picture from the gateway with a HTTP GET and then make a watch folder with a applescript to make the show up i Isadora...