Triggering StageCaller with OSC

  • Has anyone had any luck using OSC and isadora to trigger StageCaller on iOS devices?

  • Tech Staff


    I would use the OSC Multi Transmit,

    1. Type in the IP address of the iOS device.

    2. Type in the port number StageCaller is using on the iOS device. It must be different than the input port of Isadora (default Izzy Port: 1234)

    3. Now you have to try out what is working. The complete OSC adresse is /cue/1/stop or /cue/1/start.

    First paste the complete address in the address field and check if this is working.     Then break the adress appart: /cue/1/ in the address field and stop or start in the value field try with and without / as prefix.      If this is not working try: /cue/ in the address field and 1/stop or 1/start in the value field, try with and without / as prefix.

    Does this help?

    Best Michel

  • Thanks, Michel, I will give this a try!

  • @Michel, this worked just fine!  Perhaps you should repost as a howto.

  • Tech Staff


    What was the right combination at the end?

    Best Michel

  • Basically as it was written.  I simply pasted in the addresses as the whole thing and stage caller worked just find.  I even went so far as using the OSC strings for arm and disarm as posted in the StageCaller app and that worked fine as well.