• Hello,

    I have a Scene where multiple Audio files are played back one after another with one single Sound Player.

    A keyboard watcher triggers:

    trigger value >choose audio file in Sound player
    play input of Sound player

    Only problem is - every time I trigger a new sound, the very beginning of the sound that was played before is played back in reverse for half a second.
    The only way to circumvent this, is to add a trigger delay (0.1sec) in front of the PLAY input of the Sound player. Sometimes this fix doesn't work.

    Anyone else having this problem? Thank you!

    edit: ah this is Isadora 2.0 (with 1.X license) on Windows 7

  • Usually, I avoid using sound player, using movie player instead to play sound (opening sound file in QuickTime Pro and recording it as .mov), I had less problem with it.