• I am using Touch OSC to send accelerometer data to Isadora. It comes out of Touch OSC as a list of 3 floats. Only one of these floats comes out of the OSC listener. How can I get all three floats out of the actor? What I have to do now is use Max 'udpreceive' object to capture the incoming data, 'unpack' the list of floats, then send these to Isadora on three separate OSC channels. I'd rather not have to go through all this! Thanks for any help.


  • In TouchOSC, do not use the OSC adress "/isadora/n" it's reserved for direct reception in Isadora.

    In Isadora, when you are in "communications/stream setup" and you receive your osc message, give a channel number n for the reception, after that use 3 OSC listener with channel n, n+1, n2.
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    Its there. Just create 3 OSC listeners. You may need to renumber the ports though in the actors.

    Heres mine.

    183b72-screen-shot-2015-11-05-at-08.59.01.png d40393-screen-shot-2015-11-05-at-08.58.56.png

  • Great thank you for your quick response. Very easy indeed!