Sudden Issue with Crashes: 2.0.5 on Windows 8.1

  • Great to see the new version of Izzie 2.1 - I haven't upgraded yet as the new version has arrived midway through a show run.

    I am therefore running Izzie 2.0.5 on Windows 8.1 and have very suddenly run into repeated crashing. Little time to do diagnostics as this problem appeared just before the show last night, but here is what I have observed:
    - Sudden issue: Izzie freezes while I am adjusting settings in the 'stage settings' window.
    - Sudden issue: When I do 'show stages' the projected images appear on the screens, then immediately disappear. Applying 'show stages' again brings up an image on one of the 2 projectors only, but nothing on the other projector.
    - Longer term issue: Occasional anomalies with the Windows system 'taskbar' disappearing; it also does not respond to changes in taskbar 'properties' such as 'show/hide taskbar'.
    - Longer term issue (since installing Izzie 2.0.5): The occasional tendency for Izzie to require 'task manager' > 'end task' to force Izzie to launch.
    I am able to run the show on a backup computer at the moment (so the show did happen last night, thank goodness) but the disfunction on my main machine means I am now running the show without a secondary computer, not a comfortable situation.
    Any help will be very greatly appreciated!
  • Tech Staff

    The stage window issues sound like know problems that have been fixed for 2.1 (I remember testing). That should not be a far reaching issue, in that a restart should refresh the show and allow it to run as normal. The Taskbar issue I have had with win 8.1 and don't think it's isadora related since I have the same trouble with a number of softwares. The end task issue has become less of a problem but still occurs especially if a unusual error occurs like the stage setting issue. I think that In general you will find 2.1 to be a major update that solves many problems for you. In the meantime, please beware that the stage setting changes will likely continue to cause trouble but with a restart should not have any effect on you shows playback.

  • Thanks so much for you quick response, DusX! And great to hear your comments regarding 2.1 - and to read Mark's notes on the upgrade as well.

    Repeated restarts did not solve my stage setup crash issue - however an associate of mine suggested deleting the preferences, which I have done and this seems to have resolved the problem.
    Yes, the task bar anomalies show up across my system as well - I assume not a sign of any farther reaching issues. And the Task Manager > End Task anomaly does not appear to be a farther reaching issue either - Isadora 2.0 has always launched correctly for me when I use the End Task function.
    So at this point, with things working well again, I am wondering whether to go ahead with the upgrade to 2.1 before tonight's show...
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    I will make note of the preference file being related to stage setup errors, perhaps it will help another user down the road.

  • Thanks DusX!

    Another question - in my preferences I have my frame rate set to 60 fps and the General Service Tasks set at 8x per frame. My normal playback frame rate runs at 60 or consistently very close to 60 fps, and the cycle rate is generally in the area of 450.
    However this evening during the show I noticed that the cycle rating had dropped to 1x the frame rate for all of the scenes that use video playback.The video playback nonetheless appeared smooth. After the show I restarted my computer, and the normal cycle rate was restored.
    I am wondering - how exactly might the cycle rate effect video playback? What might a sudden drop in cycle rate mean in real terms to Isadora's performance, and would a sudden drop in cycles indicate any issues with my system or hardware?