• This is a patch for an Isadora media player, or to be more exact, an Isadora Scene player, with some features of standard media players: play/pause, position scrolling, global volume control. It supports OSC remote control, which lets you operate on a tablet.


    Media player for video, audio, picture and live input.
    Scene selector for up to 20 scenes.
    Global variables: four switches, four sliders and scene indicator
    1:1 match between Isadora controls and touch OSC app on a tablet
    send and receive data between Isadora and tablet: current scene, Stage on/off, Live-Cam on/off, Link between scenes on/off, pause on/off, position, volume, intensity, time
    Scenes can be labelled, the labels are transmitted to the tablet. Scene selection on the tablet from the list

    Remark: For this patch I developed my own version of global variables, which are now introduced in the new Isadora 2.1. So, if you are in need of global variables in Isadora 1.x, hav a look at this patch.

    I include a link to my google drive, where you can find the Touch OSC layout, which is necessara for the remote control. Below you find a screenshot of the Isadora control layout and pictures of the Touch OSC layout.


    09a756-player-1.jpg a9e352-player-2.jpg 715271-player-3.jpg 5af3ce-player.izz

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