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    I'm interested for a dance project to work with a kinect. But there are two different kinect , kinect for the xbox 360 and kinect v2 for the xbox one if I 'm right. Which one is the best one to work with isadora ?

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  • Neither have native support in Isadora - both require middleware, such as NIMate or Processing>OSC sketch... so it's more down to those than Isadora. If your chosen middleware supports the v2 then get the v2, if it only supports the v1, then you're stuck with the v1. Also your chosen platform (win or Mac) can heavily influence what middleware is available to you and the quality / reliability of the features provided.

  • Thank you Marci

  • I use Mac with Kinect for xBox360... and interface it to isadora via:

    NIMate v1 for skeleton over OSC
    Custom Processing Sketches for Blob, DepthLayer & PointCloud
    KVL Kinect Tracker for quick n' easy depth layer
    Just depends what I need in that particular project. Have a look at some of the patches shared in [this thread](http://troikatronix.com/community/#/discussion/2292/basic-physics-engine-stage-edge-collision-with-rebound-gravity-and-friction) which contain a lot of the framework needed for handling Kinect output.
    NiMate v2 supports both Kinects afaik... and there are processing libraries that'll handle both too.
    If you're a Windows user... erm... *shrug* 
    It's all doable, but someone else'd have to point you to the specifics.

  • Thank you  for all your info.
    I'm also on mac so I'll try  Nimate