Network initializing taking forever...

  • Hi

    I'm doing a project on my old MBP 5,1 to be presented in a space without known wifi. If I open a patch with wifi on in my studio, Isadora opens immediately. If I turn wifi off, then it can take more than a minute, sometimes two, to open the file.

    Any one know a solution? This btw, has been true for many versions of Isadora, not just 2.1.

  • Tech Staff

    What version of osx are you running? there were issues with wireless in some of the past releases. I can't think of any Isadora specific reason WiFi would slow launch. Have you tested with a hardwire?

  • Thanks Ryan: couple of things: 1) wifi on improves program opening, not the other way round. 2) MBP running 10.6.8.


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