Easy way to Convert Vectorfiles to 3ds?

  • Hi there

    i had a show where i had to work with vectorstuff (logos, basic shapes,.. delivered by the content producer). The results in Isadora where not that pleasing (i converted them to png. and had "stair effects" on borders, and scaling the stuff up, you can imagine, but it worked somehow without getting massive eye cancer). So i try to use the 3d actor. Is there any quick small open source solution too convert vector files (svg., eps., ai., ...) into the 3ds. format which is supported by isadora?. i´m now at the point inkscape (dxf) > sketch up demo version (3ds.). i don´t need the whole programs so maybe there is a file converter existing.
    Regards birdhouse
  • Izzy Guru

    I am not sure about the main question "Converting vector files to 3DS" but the stair effect you are describing is mostly known as anti-aliasing. Are you sure the stage resolution and set up was correct? Because the image should have been very good - unless there is something unique going on here.

  • hi skulpture

    i know it sounds a bit strange, but i played around with the settings in the preferences and couldn´t get the borders of the graphics smooth. i will try again later at work and also try the 3d way.maybe there is something unique going on there ;-).
    Regards Birdhouse

  • To be honest i never ran into a problem with vectors>png. i normaly resize them to my needs (and as they are vectors no quality loss) and then convert them to png ! no stair effect so far!