How should I conform Video from a bunch of different sources?

  • Hi All. About to upgrade to 2.0 and start a new project. This is a basic question. I've used Isadora a fair bit, but I shy away from the too techie stuff, so I still consider myself a novice.

    I've got a bunch of video clips from a bunch of different sources with codecs and formats all over the place. I can convert them, but to what? Apple Pro Res? My computer is a work horse (Mid 2009 Mac Book Pro), and I push it to the limit. I just want to avoid jitters.
    The projector output is 1024 x 768
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have a read of this if you haven't already:
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    and please also read this  ( if you are using Isadora 2.x. There are a few changes in regards of the codec you can use. In Isadora 1.x .h264 was not recommended but for Isadora 2.x it's one of the codecs that work fine.

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  • Thanks to both of you! This is exactly the info I needed.

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    Glad Michel was able to help.

    Once you understand a few main principles in file types and isadora set up - they become second nature and its only now and again that you have to alter these settings.