Site File Download issue on Mac 10.11

  • This must be basic, but I am unable to download any attached files from this site.  I can from many other URL sites.  I have tried Safari and Chrome and in both cases, the only thing that can be downloaded is the image of the uploaded ZIP files?????  Has anyone else had this issue!  Thanks!

  • Hover over the icon for the attached file, click the filename that is revealed beneath the icon...?

    All working fine in 10.11 here...

  • @kdobbe,

    You can't download if you are not logged in. Are you logged in? (Seems like you are since you posted this.)
    Best Wishes,
  • Izzy Guru

    @kdobbe @mark

    No idea what this could be, and you say this is only with 10.11? could you try Firefox?

    Best Michel

  • It was an auto login situation... Mark, you were correct.  My browser sometimes auto logged in and other times not.  I am now successful in being able to download.  Thanks.