• Oh Boy

    Having an embarrassingly hard time with this. What I want to have happen is when a trigger is received, a new video cross fades with the one that's playing; turns the movie player off and waits for another trigger. I have cobbled this patch together (it must be someone else work) which works OK but it selects the videos in random order and I want it to do is run through a sequence of clips, say 1 -> 17 in order. As in #1 plays, trigger, #1 fades out while #2 fades in, #1 player becomes in active until another trigger which fades #2 out while #3 fades up.
    I really have tried a bunch of things... my brain is not grasping something obvious here and I could use some pointers.
    here's my patch with random sequence:
    Thanks, John


  • Think I solved it... well not my logical thinking skills, but at least the x-fader works OK. Thanks, John

  • I replaced the random integer generator with the counter actor, now it goes through 17 movies fading between them in sequence. You may need to change the counter so that it will start with videos 1 and 2, should just be a case of changing the initial start value to one value previous to where you want it to start. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.



  • Thanks so much tadakan!

    My new working patch is very similar, but it works without the second counter connected to anything... no idea why.
     My show is Saturday and I'm hesitant to change anything. Your way is obviously better. I really do appreciate you taking the time to send it out.
    Best,  John