About the old CPU bases actors

  • I know we should expect to have all the ole CPU based actors updated to be GPU friendly by the end of the year but is there any way to access them in the meantime? The old kaleidascope is essential for a build I lost and am now trying to rebuild!!

    Any help would be wonderful!

  • Also the time slice and the other time effects are also unavailable now it seems...its like all the main actors i used to use are gone now lol

  • Tech Staff

    There is a preference settings that you can change that will show them all in the toolbin again.

  • Where in the preferences? I found where it will show the "classic plug-ins" but those don't include the time warp, time slice, or the chromium and the original kaleidescope. Is what your talking about different than the "classic plug-ins"?

  • Tech Staff

    I think you are taking about the freeframe plugins.

    You need to install them separately.
    There are both V1 (the ones you are asking about 'petes') and new FFGL v2 plugins on this page: http://troikatronix.com/download/freeframeplugins/

  • Ahhhh, that makes so much sense! DusX, You're the man! Thanks for always being on top of it with the help :)