Side Project : TCPbridge : Feature requests: ??

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    I am working on a little project that might be useful to some users here.

    I plan on making the core framework available (some of my personal junk removed ;)
    You can see a simple screen capture of it responding to a TCPip command [HERE](
    The demo shows the launching of an executable from Isadora via TCP-IP.
    This feature actual includes the option to open a file with the app.. 
    to set the size of the window,
    where it opens,
    and whether it opens or remains minimized. As well.. it passes Isadora an ID so that another API call to 'Close' can be made to close the app once finished.
    - perfect for SPOUT sources (windows only right now)
    - launching Duration with a timeline
    - audio sequencers
    and more....
    I am actively working to expand the API, and would love suggestions.?
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    A few things that are on the dev list. 

    1 screen capture (image) 
    2 save file as (useful for overwriting media in bin so they are loaded for use) 
    3 print (passed string or file) 
    4 twitter latest post 
    5 Facebook latest post 
    6 webscraper with jquery like selector
    7 opencv tracking 
    ? More opencv stuff???? 
    Suggestions ????
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    I will be honest this stuff is way over my head - but being able to pull Twitter and Facebook posts into isadora would be very handy for commercial and instillation type circumstances.

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    @skulpture Isn't there any strange thing you wish izzy could have done.

    Maybe send a text.. or use voice to text as an input... I don't know... anything really?
      ... voice to text as a OSC source is kinda a cool one, might add that to me todo list.

  • this is cool, how about a way to consolidate and conform all media into one folder at specified resolution and format

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    There isn't anyway to communicate the new location or dimensions of the media to Isadora... so I think this one is outside the scope of what I can accomplish here. It is a nice idea for a future feature.. I know I have seen it in the feature request.

  • @DusX , screen capture as an image would be very useful...

    i'd also love to find a way to easily trig some text line by line for instance.
    Have you heard about Glypheo ?
    This soft is really easy and useful to send text.
    By importing a text ending by "/" it understands it as a end of line...
    That's all for my request and thanx again for your work.
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    You can trigger text line by line using a "text actor" connected to the "text chopper" actor, set its mode to "first line" and then call the lines one by one in the "count" input.

    Best Michel

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    Michel is correct. There are other ways to do this in Isadora as well, so I think that will not be a feature I pursue.
    However, 'Screen Capture' and 'save file as' are my next features to add.
    Once these features are working, I will figure out how to package it up to share.