24 triggers to 48 outputs - best scheme?

  • Losing my Isadora chops... sorry.

    I have 12 input triggers each putting out 1s and 0s, making 24 outputs. I have 4 audio banks with 12 sounds in each. Each sound is triggered by one of the trigger inputs. That's a bunch of "wires." So I want to make a user actor to route to take the 24 inputs and send them to one of the four audio players. My user actor has many 24 user inputs and 24 routers to 48 outputs. This seems a dull way to do this. Any suggestions for a better scheme?
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    You might be able to minimize the number of connections, if you put the audio player in a user actor as well.. with a comparator in front.. to check the value.

    This way you could use 1 output from the first user actor that sends a single number that is then compared by the next user actor..
    This makes for less wires.. but more configuration, since you would need to define to each player what value is an ON trigger. (off could be all others I guess)

  • Thanks DusX

    I've been wiring like crazy - a red haze inside my user actor! If is all works, great. Otherwise I'll start over with your suggestion.
    I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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    Do you know if you hold down shift it duplicates a patch chord? 


  • Wow - I saw your video about an hour after spending hours doing it one by one!! Good tip - thanks, John

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    Eek sorry!

    I normally check the forum every morning so I would have normally read this and helped you straightaway.... but we had a big meeting at work first thing. 
    Ah well you will use this from now on I bet :) 
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    It's the most useful feature for sure. Saves your carpel tunnel.