OK to use 4 DefaultOutputUnits?

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    Another basic question I couldn't find an answer to: I am using 4 user actors with multiple AUAudioFilePlayers inside and each user actor has it's own DefaultOutputUnit. All going to the same audio interface. Is this a bad idea? It works so far, but I want things to be as efficient as I can make them.
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  • A quick Yes/No from the experts? Thanks, John

  • it's fine. Think of it as playing multiple sounds at the same time. there are no limits to that unlike perhaps projector actors where one is limited to 20 layers total, and even then one can have multiple projectors on the same layer.

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    I think this will be fine to do. Just watch the levels for distortion if multiple files are playing to the same output.

  • Thanks to you both. Will monitor closely...