Intuos pro with emotion

  • Hi everyone, got a wacom (intuos pro) trying to work it with that old difficult prog emotion, the wacom maps itself easy but as soon as i use it in emotion a cursor cross appears in the middle of the monitor window, 'map wacom to current layer' is auto maticly activated when i touch pen to board, does anyone know how to actually map this in emotion or turn it off permanently or any work around this?

  • Tech Staff

    There are only a handful of people who have used this software on here.

    I am not one of them sorry. Hopefully someone can help but I can't promise. 

  • Tech Staff

    Did you have any luck with this? Sorry no one has replied. It's a fairly specific item - not many people use them I imagine. This combined with not many people using e-motion, the help is limited.

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