• Hello community,

    does anyone have a solution for a scrolling Text?
    There are several modes i would like to have.
    1\. Scrolling endless in Loop without a gap between the end and beginning.
    2\. Scrolling from left/right offscreen to right/left offscreen
    3\. Scrolling from top/bottom to bottom/top, with several horizontal lines and linebreaks in a long text

  • Ok, found the TextDraw Actor.

    2\. and 3\. seem to be easy with this one
    but if the Text is just one long line 1\. and 2 isn't possible with this actor. Or do i miss something?

  • It would help, if the bounding could be sized much bigger than the Screensize.

  • Izzy Guru


    If you click on the text "bounds width" you can change the scale max in the popup window.

    Best Michel

  • Thank you Michel, for this advice.

    I saw this values bevor, but they are limited to 100 in scale min/max as default.
    But with your suggestion i had the idea to extend the scale max to 1000 and it works!
    Thanks a lot

  • I've done this before, but did not try the expanded boundary.

    what I did
    first is using the slide FFGL plugin. it will endelsly loop your frame on x/y. I think this is easiest if you get the plugin from resolume
    Second is not endless but it allowed for text that would exceed the boundaries of the frame. I used the javasript actor to repeated the input text n times. ( i think it was 1000). that was sent to the text draw actor which then I scrolled up  for about 30 minutes at which point I faded out for reset to top within 1 second.

  • I use the following patch for image or Text. Make sure the rate of the envelope generator matches the frequency of the pulse generator! And according to your needs simply connect the picture player or the text draw actor.

    For directions you simply change the value 0 and value 1 of the envelope