Smooth transition between two scenes

  • Thanks @mark for these informations

    I'll investigate a bit more next week about what can cause this black frame and keep you updated.

  • I have the same problem with a black frame between scenes.  I seem to have solved it by setting "play start" in "movie player" to .001 percent.  That's such a small number that it doesn't effect the beginning of the video visually.  I suspect that there is a problem with the h264 compression.  I've been doing compressions directly out of After Effects, and I've recently read that it's much better to compress in other software -- like Adobe Media Encoder, Final Cut Compressor, or Quicktime Pro.  Haven't tested that yet.

  • Thanks @lamb1847 I'm going to try all these things!

    I thought I could be due to the fact that I'm routing two Syphon feeds in that scene, but even by removing it, it still act the same....
    I attached the sample of the patch, in case someone find an obvious mistake


  • @lamb1847 it didn't work for me in the end...

    I've finally managed to locate where the problem is coming from in my patch.
    On my second scene, I have several video mixer connected in row, especially one which is located in a "fade out" user actor.
    If I remove this actor from the chain, I have no problem anymore....
    Is it a known problem by chaining several video mixer?

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    There isn't any known issue with chained video mixers.
    Can you describe the setup that causes the issue, so that I can try to reproduce it and confirm if it is a bug?

  • Hi @DusX

    I'm trying to jump from one scene from another which have the same image without having any cut in btw.
    My scene could be a bit heavy, so i'm preloading the scene before jumping and I deactivated all movie players that are not in use right away when I enter the scene so I have only movie players visible but on pause. One video is 1280x720 the other one is 1000x1000.
    I have also 2 syphon feeds in it which I can't do much about unfortunately.
    When I'm jumping from one scene to the other, I always get very quick black frame when entering the second scene.
    I tried to activate the second scene and stay on the first, I still get this black frame when activating the second scene.
    So I tried removing some actors from the second scene, one by one, to see if it would make any change and I found out that by removing one user actor I did I didn't have problem anymore. It's a very simple actor with a video mixer and envelope Generator to fade out the video. I have another video mixer after, which is acting as a master intensity which is not causing any problem.
    The mac mini I'm using (X.10 with SSD Isadora 2.0.5) is projecting on the floor and the back of the stage with 2 similar chains of actors in the scene, towards to different projectors. I get the "black frame" on and off in a very synchronized way on both projections.
    Maybe I try to take out my fade out of the user actor just to see, even if doesn't really make any sense
    (The 2 scenes of my patch are attached in a previous message)

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    It's a very simple actor with a video mixer and envelope Generator to fade out the video.

    I can imagine that if you have entered the scene before and the envelope generator for example goes from 100 to 0 that the moment you re-enter the scene the mixer has the last value "0" for a micro second until the envelope generator starts counting down from 100.

    Try setting the initialize value of the "mix amount" to the starting value you are wanting.

    Best Michel

  • @Michel I'm already initializing the actor with the value I want, and I have same system on other video mixer without any problem...

    Only difference is this one is in a user actor while others are directly in my patch...

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    Maybe you should publish the "mix amount" input of the mixer and initialize the wanted value with from outside the user actor. Does this help.

    Best Michel

  • Thanks @Michel I'll try that!

    We're playing next time in one month but i'll give it a try and keep you updated, thanks again

  • I did a test with a H264 compression done with Adobe Media Encoder, using best quality and two passes.  I have no black frame anymore between scenes.  So in my case I think the problem was using H264 codec generated by Adobe After Effects.

  • Old Thread but could finally try it

    Thanks @Michel , that was it! It is now working perfectly!