• Is there any sort of limit or configuration required on using virtual stages? I'm using stage 1 as my physical output and routing a 3d line to a particle generator via renderer 2 and the particles back through effects to the physical stage via renderer 3. I had a thought I wanted to try that needs a couple more virtual stages, but when I change either of my virtual patches to renderers 4-6 no video is sent. Ah, nevermind, apparently we can't change the patch without reloading the scene? Anyone know a way around this?

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    I haven't seen this issue. But I would test adding a 'user actor on off' actor and toggling it state. You need to copy it out of a user actor and paste to the root of the patch.

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    If you can provide a sample patch I could test this. And enter it as a bug if reproduced.?

  • Using the user actor to toggle the scene on/off is equivalent to leaving and reentering the scene, correct? With benefit of being able to watch it on load? I will test that and confirm, hopefully this afternoon on my lunch break. It seemed like a reasonable limitation to the functionality so I hadn't actually intended to post this, but it sounds like you're surprised that you can't change virtual renderers in real time.

  • Hmm, I just tried it again, same patch where it wasn't working before, and it's working now. I don't know. If I manage to break it again, I'll try the trick with the user actor on/off and let you know.

  • @tadakan,

    Please keep an eye on this. The Virtual Stage actor is very new, and it offers a lot of great possibilities. If you find that you have trouble rendering to some channel number, let us know with a formal bug report.
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