• Hi all,

    I've found a nice AU synth (https://obxd.wordpress.com) which Isadora recognises and I can bring up the graphic controls for the actor. One thing I can't seem to do is actually trigger it with MIDI in Isadora. I've tried outputting on the Virtual MIDI out and creating loopback to the Virtual MIDI in, but no dice. Anyone have any success in triggering AU synths solely from within Isadora?

  • Dear @Andy,

    This is a feature that Isadora is lacking -- there is no way (currently) to get notes into the Synths. I really could have used this myself for my last project; it would have made some things much simpler. So please file a formal feature request at
    And I will work to add this feature to a future release.
    Best Wishes,

  • Will do Mark and thanks as always for the pro-activity!