GPU zoomer, speed control for use with interactive mode

  • it would be great to have the old choice of -10 to +10 clip speed on the movie player when in 'interactive' rather than 'performance' mode. (or alternately, a discrete actor control for speed?)

    the new GPU movie player has a very limited speed control of -2 to +2; Skulpture mentions that this may be an AV Foundation ('performance') limit. in most other ways the GPU actors are much more effective and i have upgraded patches, but i use the speed controls a lot.

    a second request is a GPU Zoomer, though that is possible to do inline just using CPU>GPU and back, without switching everything back to classic movie player.


  • Tech Staff

    More GPU actors are coming. This is being worked on heavily.

    I will enter a new feature request for the extended speed range for QT.
    NOTE: I have gotten around this limitation by scrubbing the position dynamically (using some calculations to figure out speed settings), requires testing since not all codecs respond well to scrubbing.