Pixel size when outputting to two projectors

  • Hi there, I am running isadora with a projector set up and I was wondering what is the best way to solve this problem. I have done my own solution however I'm not sure it's the "right" way.

    I have a set up with two projectors both connected via 2 thunderbolts into a MacBook Pro. These projectors are 1024x768 each so I have been rendering videos at 1934x768 (not exactly double so there is room for overlapping the image using an edge blend mask). 
    In Isadora I have set these as 2 stages (stage 1 for the left image and stage 2 for the right image). How do I ensure that the left video is outputting at 1024x768 pixels of the left half of the image and vice versa for the right? Then I can have an overlap of 114px.

  • I think you need to make your movie 2x1024+114 = 2162px.